Stylish100 is a premium jewelry store situated in Los Angeles that aims to provide quality designers’ jewelry and accessories from independent suppliers and brands in the USA to fellow fashionistas who want to make a bold and unique statement in every outfit. With our millennial approach to jewelry – exotic ones at that, we inspire your style and capture your way of living than your form of dressing. For exquisite jewelry that is simple and unique, Stylish100 is your sure bet.

Our Vision

At Stylish100, we strive towards becoming a global leading jewelry brand that offers tailored, exotic pieces to luxury fashion enthusiasts, celebrities, and influencers in the luxury fashion industry.

Our Mission

  • To provide a one-stop-shop for everything jewelry and accessories with simple and elegant designs.
  • To create distinctive contemporary jewelry designed for your everyday wardrobe.

Why You Should Choose Us

A commitment born out of passion

We are one of Los Angeles’ renowned jewelry shops born out of the love for exotic and beautiful jewelry and accessories, and our desire to create ornaments that match your lifestyle. At Stylish100, we pride ourselves on providing unique designs with reasonable prices attached. Through us, you get to adorn yourself with jewels whose craftsmanship is inspired by the natural world and culture. This way, you get to own unique light-weighted necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, and much more.

Beyond the noise

At Style100, our services and products are all singing and all dancing. We match our premium products with memorable customer service and support. Our client-oriented staff is always on standby to assist you with all you need from inquiries to updates on any order. We work tirelessly to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. With Stylish100, you get value for all your investments.

An ornament that truly speaks YOU

Gone are the days where you have to settle for trends that die off or don’t really reflect your lifestyle. Here at Stylish100, we provide custom-made jewelry options with prices ranging from $5 for accessories to over $300 – $400 or more for classic jewelry. Get what you want when you want it with Stylish100.

Timeless pieces that really matters

Create exceptional memories with our ageless silver and gold jewelry crafted to be a stately piece around your form. Thanks to the competency of our local suppliers and skilled artisans, and our creative ideas, at Stylish100, we back our claims with embellishments that don’t only speak to you but transcends trends. Shop from our store today and receive free and fast shipping for the majority of our quality jewelry products.

Welcome to a brand that truly cares. Welcome to Stylish100!